Community Supported Agriculture

Biodynamics And Community Supported Agriculture

In the early 20s century some farmers in Europe got overwhelmed with the mounting issues and problems and wanted new solutions on how to active bigger harvests, healthier crops and animals. The answer was given by the founder of anthroposophy ( amalgam of the Greek¬† terms “human” and “wisdom”) Rudolf Steiner, who devoted his life to the subject and in 1924 the principles of biodynamic farming was created, which focuses on creating a balanced farm ecosystem, based on using the manure and compost and excluding anything artificial.

Biodynamics And Community Supported Agriculture

Biodynamic farming does focus on spiritual and astrological aspect, thus using astrological planting calendar.

Biodynamic farms work closely with local communities, cities and towns and use Community Supported Agriculture Model.

CSA has become a trusted source of connecting local farmers with consumers. Usually the farmer offers a share of his produce to people, on a weekly basis through membership or subscription. Starting from $15 a week, a box of fresh produce is either delivered directly to the customer or picked up in one of the local locations.

The advantages of this model are undeniable, just like some high quality plus size lingerie shopping experience. Not only do consumers receive fresh organic produce, which helps with maintaining a healthy lifestyle but local farmers are able to sell their crops and continue farming.

The whole idea of getting fresh produce that is in season, that is clean and does not contain any GMOs, filled with pesticides and herbicides is of high importance to our unhealthy population.

Biodynamics And Community Supported Agriculture

Nowadays the consumer can do mix and match and choose the specific vegetables and fruits wanted, depending they are in season.  The subscription is done through the farm's website, then either the delivery or pick up location is chosen, then the size of the box you want and make a payment.

Thousands of people use CSA and there are still not enough farms to keep up with the demand.

This and lack of variety of other produce like fresh milk, eggs and meat should be addressed in the future.

Biodynamics And Community Supported Agriculture